What is a greenway?

    Greenways are car-lite to car-free corridors that prioritize active transportation and recreation for people of all ages and abilities and identities that also serve as high-quality continuous public spaces. They form a city-wide interconnected network that connect diverse neighbourhoods together and provide equitable and inclusive access to key destinations and experience of nature in the city. They provide opportunities for reconciliation, community building and stewardship, improved natural systems and public life in a manner that enhances and responds to the surrounding context.

    What is the Seaside Greenway?

    It is the 28km‐long walking, rolling, and cycling path connecting the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks. Most of the Seaside Greenway has separate paths for people walking and rolling and for people cycling. This keeps people moving at different speeds separate and offers a more comfortable experience for path users.

    Why is the work is being done?

    Kitsilano Beach Park is one of Vancouver’s most popular parks, and we want to make it safer and easier for people to travel to and through the park. The section of the Seaside Greenway in and adjacent to Kitsilano Beach Park is one of the only sections of the Greenway that does not provide separate paths for cycling and walking/rolling, which has led to some access and safety concerns. Providing separate paths for walking/rolling and for cycling will make the Greenway safer and more comfortable for all users.

    What is the main goal of this work?

    This project will establish a separated bike path that connects Balsam Street to Ogden Avenue across the park and improve entryways into the park, maintaining access to the various park amenities. We are asking for input from park and pathway users to help us develop design options for a separated cycle path that make it a safe and comfortable route for all users, including children, families, and people with reduced mobility while reducing conflicts between park users.

    Where is the project happening?

    We are looking at the segment of the Seaside Greenway between Balsam Street and Ogden Avenue, including a section of shared walking, rolling, and cycling path in Kitsilano Beach Park.

    Who is leading the project?

    The project is being led by the Park Board. City Engineering staff will be providing their active transportation design and construction expertise, including considering possible reallocation of street space.

    How can I share my feedback?

    You can fill out the online survey between August 10 and August 30. If you have further comments or questions for the project team, please email us at kitsgreenway@vancouver.com or call 311.

    What are the next steps?

    Input from this first engagement round will be used to create options for the route of the cycle path throughout Kitsilano Beach Park. Review and evaluation of these options will be the basis of a second round of engagement in the fall of 2021. At that point, we will ask for feedback on one or more route options for the pathway.