How do I get involved?

    There will be many opportunities to provide input throughout the planning process. We will be using a variety of digital tools (like Shape Your City and online events) while social distancing measures are in place. We hope to organize more in-person engagement opportunities when health measures allow us to gather safely in larger groups.

    How is this engagement different from past community feedback received for the West End Community Plan?

    In 2013, the City of Vancouver worked with community members to develop a community wide plan that meets the needs of the community. Now, project partners are seeking more specific feedback on the shared vision and specific needs of the West End for the future West End Community Hub. 

    How will decisions regarding the West End Community Hub be made?

    Project partners (City of Vancouver, Vancouver School Board, Vancouver Board or Parks and Recreation, and the Vancouver Public Library) will collaboratively make all project related decisions. Project partners will work closely with key community groups, including the West End Community Centre Association, to understand the diverse community perspectives of the West End neighborhood. Community input will be considered at every step of the project process and will help project partners make better decisions that reflect the needs and desires of the community.