Wave 5 | August 7 | 10 km

Last week, our crew installed the latest wave of #SlowStreets.

We’ve designated 40 km of Vancouver’s roads for Slow Streets to give people more room to move. With Slow Streets open to local traffic only, they’re a great place to get some exercise or enjoy the fresh air while staying two metres apart. Have you had a chance to try one out?

  • Woodland Drive from Charles Street to E 15th Avenue
  • E 15th Avenue/ E 14 Avenue/ E 13th Avenue from Woodland Drive to St. George Street
  • St. George Street from E 8th Avenue to E 13th Avenue and E 27th to E 31st Avenue
  • E 8th Avenue from St. George Street to Glen Drive
  • Glen Drive/ Windsor Street from E 8th Avenue to E 27th Avenue
  • E 27th Avenue from Windsor Street via pop-up plaza to St. George Street
  • E 31st Avenue/ E 30th Avenue from Ontario Street to St. George Street
  • Ontario Street from E 30th Avenue to E 33rd Avenue

These routes link to one of the pop-up plaza at E 27th Avenue and Fraser Street. Other installed routes provide connection to plazas at W 18th Avenue and Cambie Street and W 13th Avenue and Granville Street. Check out more about plazas at vancouver.ca/pop-up-plazas.

If you are sharing any photos of your discoveries about Slow Streets on social media, please tag us using #SlowStreetsVan and #WalkBikeRoll.

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