Testing of the new district schedules format and language

Between March and April 2021, three local architectural firms with experience working with those zoning districts and a team of staff experts tested reformatted district schedules and responded to a set of questions regarding the improvements to finding and understanding the regulations. The key findings are:

    • New wayfinding features, such as colour-coded markers and quick-reference hyperlinks, are helpful to navigating the district schedule and related regulations and policies
    • Explanatory diagrams are useful to understand complex regulations
    • Information is reorganized in a way that provides clarity and succinctness
    • Support removal or updating of outdated regulations to reflect current practices

They identified additional opportunities for further clarification and simplification of certain regulations. Some of those outcomes are presented in the sample reformatted district schedules presented on Shape Your City, June 15 – July 6, 2021. Additional regulatory updates are being developed and will be presented with the draft fully reformatted by-law for public input on Shape Your City in Spring 2022.

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