Emerging Site Planning Ideas and Discussion Guides

We have developed a series of Emerging Site Planning Ideas for the Jericho Lands. These ideas are based on the community feedback we received during Phase 1 and early stages of the Phase 2 of the planning process, stakeholder priorities, City objectives and policies, and the landowners' aspirations. The Emerging Site Planning Ideas are intended to provide input into the development of a preliminary site concept for the lands.

Learn about the Emerging Site Planning Ideas:

You can learn more about the Emerging Site Planning Ideas by reading the Discussion Guides. There are four Discussion Guides in total. Each one is focused around a specific theme and identifies a series of Emerging Ideas that are associated with that theme.

Tell us what you think about the Emerging Site Planning Ideas:

We are looking for your feedback on the Emerging Site Planning Ideas! We encourage you to read one, some, or all of the Discussion Guides, learn about the different Emerging Ideas, and let us know what you think by completing our surveys.

We have created four separate surveys relating to each Discussion Guide theme and the associated Emerging Site Planning Ideas:

The surveys will be open from March 29, 2021 to April 25, 2021.

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