Why Granville Park?

    The People, Parks and Dogs Strategy identified the importance of providing off-leash areas (OLAs) within a 15 minute walk for most residents. OLAs at Heather and Granville Parks will increase access for dog off-leash activity in three priority neighbourhoods that are currently underserved. Both Granville and Heather Parks have suitable space and amenities that an off-leash area could be added while maintaining space for other activities.

    The following criteria in the PPD strategy was used to identify Granville Park as a site for a new dog off-leash area:

    • Add new dog off-leash areas and prioritize under-served and densely populated neighbourhoods. (Kitsilano and Fairview identified as highest priority)
    • Provide access to Neighbourhood dog off-leash area within an approx. 15 minute walk of most residents
    • Provide a variety of dog off-leash areas
    • Compatibility with existing park uses

    Who is leading the project?

    The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is leading the project.

    How can I stay updated about the project?

    How can I get involved? / receive future Off Leash Area updates?

    Sign up for email updates about dog related projects using by selecting the tab "Email sign up for OLA updates" on this page.

    What are the priority neighborhoods for Off-Leash Areas

    In an effort to provide equitable distribution of OLAs within the city, the locations for new OLAs are determined based on the prioritization of underserved areas as defined in the strategy. Areas identified as highest priority based on combined assessments and ranked in order of priority by survey respondents were:

    • 47% Kitsilano
    • 45% Mount Pleasant
    • 35% Downtown
    • 33% West End
    • 32% Grandview-Woodland
    • 19% Fairview

    What is the People, Parks and Dogs Strategy?

    The People, Parks & Dogs Strategy (2017) provides a framework to deliver well-planned and designed parks with dog off-leash areas that ensure the comfort and safety of all park users with recommendations within four themes – access, design, stewardship and enforcement. Through mapping and analysis, the strategy identified six neighbourhoods considered deficient in dog off-leash areas. Through this strategy, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is committed to providing equitable access across the city and improving access to OLAs.

    Public engagement is an important part in implementing the recommendations of the strategy. Input from all park users will help to ensure the successful renewal of this well-used amenity, while supporting a safe and comfortable experience for all park users, with and without dogs.