What are the draft project goals?

    We have developed draft project goals for the re-design of the Bute Street, which are based on previous conversations with stakeholders and the City’s broader transportation plans and policies. Help us refine these goals and generate big ideas for the future Bute Greenway. 

    1. Create a shore-to-shore connection that provides intuitive links to key destinations and enhances the continuous pedestrian experience.
    2. Make Bute Street accessible, safe, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to walk, roll and cycle.
    3. Improve the ability of the street to manage urban rainwater runoff and its ecological function.
    4. Accommodate emergency access and motor vehicle circulation in the neighbourhood.

    How can public have their say?

    We want to shape the future of the Bute Street with you.

    • Read the information guide and learn about the project.
    • Take the survey and share you feedback.
    • Join the mailing list to receive updates directly in your inbox.

    If you are unable to provide feedback online, please call on 3-1-1 or email us your feedback at butegreenway@vancouver.ca.

    What is this project about?

    Staff are exploring ideas to improve and prioritize Bute Street for walking, rolling, and cycling for people of all ages and abilities while providing public spaces for various community activities. 

    As part of this project, we will also advance a conceptual design for a permanent Bute-Robson plaza. A map of the project area can be found in documents tab.

    What is the engagement timeline for this project?

    By engaging with key stakeholders and the public in 2019 through the Places for People Downtown Strategy, and consultation on nearby projects, we have heard the interest in and potential for pedestrian and public space improvements along Bute Street.

    Building on community working sessions from fall 2019 focused on public realm improvements, the Bute Greenway engagement will take place throughout late 2021 and 2022 in three phases as described below. Efforts will be made to ensure an inclusive engagement that reaches a broad and diverse audience.

    Phase 1 – Discussing Goals and Ideas (Fall 2021)

    • Discuss the draft goals for Bute Greenway and provide opportunities for early creative thinking on how people use the street, public spaces, and surrounding network connections.
    • Based on previous public engagement, staff have prepared a draft concept design for feedback of a permanent Bute-Robson plaza.

    Phase 2 – Reviewing Initial Concepts (Spring 2022)

    • Report back on Phase 1 findings, provide an opportunity to review conceptual design options and enable input on ideas for improvements.
    • Staff will share recommended design for a permanent Bute-Robson plaza as part of this phase and coordinate implementation following water main upgrades to minimize disruption. Plaza construction is expected to begin in 2022.

    Phase 3 – Reviewing Recommended Design (Summer 2022)

    • Report back on outcomes of previous phases, and provide a detailed overview and rationale of recommended design. The community will be invited to share their feedback, which will help further refine the recommended design(s).

    What is the policy background?

    The Bute Greenway project complements new housing options, community facility and public realm projects and aligns with Parks Board initiatives such as Imagine West End Waterfront, all the while helping meet our Climate Emergency Action Plan targets.

    In addition, Bute Street has been identified as a key walking, rolling and cycling route with additional pedestrian priority measures and public realm improvements in the:

    • 2013 West End Community Plan and Public Benefits Strategy
    • 2020 Places For People: Downtown Public Space Strategy
    • 2018- 2022 Five-Year Cycling Network
    • 2018- 2022 Capital Plan

    Find these plans and policy documents under "Important Links" tab.

    How can I meet with the project team?

    For residents:

    If you are part of the representative group for your building and would like to meet with staff to discuss project goals, please email our team and provide your building’s address, your representative role, and a phone number where you can be contacted. Staff will follow up with you in the coming weeks to arrange a meeting with you and your group.

    For businesses:

    We want to better understand how local businesses use Bute Street to make we accommodate business access needs as we build out the concept designs. If you are a business owner or representative and would like to meet with staff to discuss project goals, please provide your building’s address, your representative role, and a phone number where you can be contacted. Staff will follow up with you in the coming weeks to arrange a virtual meeting with you and your group. 

    Any questions or comments related to the Bute Greenway, please contact our team by:

    1. By e-mailing butegreenway@vancouver.ca
    2. Through online services in the VanConnect app
    3. By calling 3-1-1