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West End stories: Holding Hands, Snow on the beach, and more

Participants of W.E. Connect workshops chose these stories to be shared with the broader community. The stories were submitted by community members through the West End Experiences Survey

Read these stories, then reply below: What characteristics or qualities of the West End do you see in these stories?

Holding Hands

Holding hands for Justice”, a protest march along Davie St. from English Bay up to Hornby after a young gay couple had been assaulted for holding hands while walking along Davie. The assault triggered a massive community response with Jim Deva at the helm. That Sunday afternoon Davie St. was awash with gay and lesbian folk holding hands and singing and as we marched up the hill towards Jervis St. Hundreds of gay pride flags fluttering in the breeze filled the street for blocks. Looking up towards Jervis from Cardero seeing hundreds of folk waving the pride colours was a true moment of inspiration and pride.

Busy Yet Quiet

Everyone thinks that the West End is so dense/crowded. And it is, but it also surprisingly peaceful when you walk along tree-lined residential streets. My favorite thing to do in the West End is to go for an early morning run along the Sea Wall/Stanley Park and then head to a coffee shop. People watching in the West End is the best.

Living in the fun destination

I moved to the West End (near English Bay beach) from Yaletown. When I stepped out of my previous building in Yaletown, there were people on the sidewalks, but they always seemed to be in a hurry and headed somewhere else. In contrast, when I stepped out of my new building in the West End, there were people on the sideways, but this was their destination, and they were having fun. It was lovely to live where people came to have fun.

Snow on the beach

I live near the intersection of Beach, Jervis and Pacific. The hill at the intersection to Pacific is small but can always get people in the snow. Many years ago, it snowed and cars became stuck trying to get up the hill. My friend and I set up beach chairs to sit and cheer when people made it up. We would help push cars up the hill. After a little while, more neighbours came out to do the same. I think one person brought us all hot chocolates. One neighbour came and shovelled the snow on the hill so cars and the C23 could maybe make it up the hill. Eventually, the snow plows came so we didn't need to be there. The neighbours and I ended up going to the grassy hill on top of the pump station and tobogganing down. It's a good memory. I'm sure I have more, but when/if it snows, I always remember this day.

Please reply below: What characteristics or qualities of the West End do you see in these stories?

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