Additional opportunity for public input in summer 2020

16 Jun 2020

In March 2020 we hosted a series of Public Information Sessions across the City. These sessions provided a chance for members of the public to ask questions about the policy and provide comment on the new rental zones. Six of these sessions were held, while the final session (Sunset Community Centre) was cancelled as a result of COVID-19.

Staff have reviewed the comments from March and conducted additional technical analysis. We are now proposing some changes to the Secured Rental Policy for low-density areas to make it easier to understand and providing some additional detail on the new rental zones.

We are providing another opportunity for public comment from July 10 to October 4, 2020. The purpose is to provide:

  • An opportunity for past participants to see and comment on proposed changes to the policy and the new rental zones.
  • An opportunity for questions and input from those who did not comment previously or could not comment previously as a result of COVID-19.

Your comments will be considered as we refine our recommendations and prepare a report for Council’s consideration in the fall.

A summary of the proposed changes to the policy can be found here.

A description of the new rental zones can be found here.

More information on why we need more secured rental housing can be found in our March engagement materials here.

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